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Proyecto Angrybirds


Pidgeon Journal


Hice el diseno 3D de una pieza super sencilla que puede dar soporte super basico (con un poco de silicona) a juntar la bomba y el servo. Es algo mierda, pero la idea es probar a ver las distancias, y ver si la impresora aun funciona.


Imprimi la pieza super sencilla (v0.1). La idea de la pieza es totalmente inutil, pero esta vez use Cura como slicer, y la calidad de la impresion parece haber mejorado. Puedo hacer impresiones mucho mas precisas. Estuvo bien para recuperar el contacto con la impresora y con el proceso de diseno y slicing.

Did another design, placing the servo upside-down. printed it. Works much better, but the pieces need some glue to stick together.

After everything is glued the pump seems to be broken inside, it's ofering unusual resistance. The servo motor is completely unable to move the pump trigger.

Ideas for v0.3

  • Make the piece even more precise. Ideally that it doesn't even need glueing, so I can better reuse the components.
  • Remove the spring inside the pump. It's there to put the pump back to the original position and suck the water in, but I can apply that force with the servo, and that way the servo doesn't need to fight the spring. But the spring may be pushing something inside, that is not pulled just by pulling the trigger. So this wouldn't work. I need the spring.
  • Consider using a small water pump. Like the one I have for watering, but that could work with 5V.
  • Consider using 2 servos to fight the spring.
  • Use one of the big servos.
  • I'm concerned that I don't know what broke the pump. If it breaks again maybe I can use the water-gun without breaking it, attaching the servo to its chasis.
  • Try to build a linear actuator with gears. That way I improve how the force is applied to the trigger.
  • Consider making some kind of piston/crank to better apply the force to the trigger. Im concerned with the resistance of the pieces, but I've seen that it should be stronger than the linear actuator.
  • Maybe I can apply reduction to the linear actuator to make it stronger.

Maybe I should retake the blog idea, and post the progress, with some media. For the fans, and posterity.