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Waspr Project - Baby Steps


Christmas 2018 - Baby steps

The WikiMenu app has some things working a bit buggy, but the basic functionality is ready. The problem is that it is much more difficult to get someone to install an app that they don't know what it's for, than to get them to check a web page. Maybe the app wasn't the way to go after all. I'm starting to lose hope. Although at least now I know how to make mobile apps. I think the best option now will be to finish the web, to leave at least something working. Just fix the login, put a search box, and return to the original idea of showing the lists with the best pizzas, so people can find the best BBQ pizza in Vigo.

Menschdanke tells us that this year we have properly behaved and we can ask for the Christmas gifts that we want. Well, a maximum of 5 gifts and a maximum budget of 300 euros. I ask for a hard drive, a cool bluetooth speaker, and to continue with the Wasp Killer project, a very complete arduino learning kit. Let's see if plan B is a bit more successful.