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Waspr Project - My first impression


January 26 - My first impression

Well, the printer seems to be assembled. The extra left over pieces really seem to be extra left over pieces. Now I want to see if I can really do the whole process, from imagining the piece to having it printed in my hand.

I'll start by designing something simple with TinkerCAD. Designing with TinkerCAD is a matter of combining simple geometric figures indicating the measures and angles of each thing. You can use figures from cubes and spheres to stairs or gears. A whole world of possibilities! But as that old Spanish proverb says: Give a pencil to a sapiens...

I export the design, and import it into the program that divides the 3D model into the layers to be printed. Another file is generated with the information of the layers. It also indicates that a meter and a half of filament will be needed to print the piece. The spool I have is 300 meters long so alles gut. I put the layer file (.gCode) in a micro SD card and then I put this card in the printer. I hit the print option and...

Amaaaaazing! After 20 minutes printing layers I finally get my desired geometric figure. We are living in the future!

A complete success!!